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JMTV :: Dragon*Con Q&A Videos Part Two!

The last three videos from the JM's D*C Q&As. I thought I had some footage from the Sunday one, but apparently I really did spend the entire hour in line! LOL. XD

Saturday Q&A Part Two.

Saturday Q&A Part Three.

Saturday Q&A Part Four.

Part three is the one where James tells the story about pissing on the courthouse, and part four has the amazing story of James blowing a stunt (yes, Gareth, a STUNT) and having John Barrowman rub salves on his thigh. ... Ooooh, slashy mental places.

The actual new episode of JMTV will be up shortly (if YouTube would stop conking out on me half-way through the upload).

JMTV :: Dragon*Con Q&A Videos Part 1!

Here are three of my videos from D*C. There should be at least three more coming soon, plus the actual episode of JMTV for this month! Keep a weather eye on the horizon for those once I get a few more hours of sleep!

Friday Q&A Part One.

Friday Q&A Part Two.

Saturday Q&A Part One.
Real life has been kicking my arse since D*C, so I've still got a little editing to do on my D*C Special. It will be up tomorrow afternoon however! See you then! ^__^


The Dragon*Con Text Report.

The Dragon*Con Spectacular Episode!!!1! is coming soon. Hopefully, it'll be up by this weekend. I've got over a hundred video clips to process and edit, so until I get that ready, enjoy my text-based report with photos and some videos!

Click here for the complete report and some photos.Collapse )

Happy Birthday, James!


From JM.com:


Tickets on sale: Friday August 29th at 10:30am
Where: In front of the Clayton and Cobb rooms on the 2nd floor of the Atlanta Hilton

Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis Friday August 29th at 10:30 AM. They will be sold in front of the Clayton and Cobb rooms on the 2nd floor of the Atlanta Hilton. This is the same location that the photos ops will be taking place for James starting at 11:45 AM that same morning. The party tickets will be sold at a table next to the photo ops ticket sales table SO DO NOT STAND IN LINE FOR PHOTO OPS THINKING ITS THE PARTY LINE - they will be separate lines. We will only accept cash ($150.00 each ticket). Limit of 2 tickets per person - be prepared to register the names of the ticket holders. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Your ticket will come with all the specific details of the evening, outlined below, and ID will be required upon entrance."

August Updates!

JM Q&A is up here.

I also updated the D*C schedule because apparently traveling through time and space fried my brain. Some newscaster I am. *is sad*
Sunday's panel is not a Torchwood panel; it's a Smallville panel. And the party at Max Lager's on Saturday night starts at 7PM not 7:30PM. (More information that's probably more accurate than mine can be gleaned from JM's official site.

Episode Two Is Now Online!

Episode two is here and online! Just a word of warning, you might want to turn down your speaker volume for the first bit. LOL. XD


The Jamesy Calendar :: August Edition

Here's all the latest news for upcoming James appearances, projects, events, concerts, goat-herding, etc.
(Edited on August 15th.)
:: 2008 ::
:: August ::
* 6th: Spike: After the Fall Issue #2 released.
* 7th: JM as Brainiac on Smallville "Veritas" (repeat) on the CW.
* 15th: August's Q&A.
* 20th: JM's Birthday.
* 28th: JM as Brainiac on Smallville "Apocalypse" (repeat) on the CW.
* 29th - 31st: Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia (Photo-Ops, Friday-Sunday).
*** Friday, 29th: 1PM- "An Hour in the Buffyverse," JM-only panel. Hyatt Centennial 2-3.
*** Saturday, 30th: 11:30AM- "Inside the Actor's Gaffe: Torchwood," a panel with JM, Gareth David-Lloyd, and Anthony Lewis. Marriot Atrium Ballroom.
*** Saturday, 30th, 7PM- Party/Concert at Max Lager's (only 60 tickets available at the autograph table).
*** Sunday, 31st: 11:30AM- "Seven Year Itch," a Smallville panel with JM, Phil Morris, Michael Rosenbaum. Marriot Atrium Ballroom.

:: September ::
* 1st: Dragon*Con.
*** Monday, 1st: 2:30PM- "Good-Bye to Our Guests," a final Q&A with some of the guests from the con. Hyatt Centennial 2-3.
* 9th: Smallville Season Seven DVD release (US).
* 15th: JM Q&A.
* 16th: Torchwood Season Two DVD release (US).

:: 2009 ::
:: April ::
* 9th: Dragonball worldwide release. JM will play Piccolo.

:: July ::
* Moonshot release. JM will play Buzz Aldrin.


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